Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Create a GRUB Boot Splash Background

Here i show you how to change the background of GRUB Boot splash. To do this you have follow some requirement. They are
  • It must be sized at 640x480. 
  • It must be a .xpm format image file.
  • It must contain no more than 14 colors.

Now we start, Suppose that you got a image in .png format. How do you convert it into .xpm format. You should have to installed ImageMagick and issue following command syntax to convert .png image to .xpm image.

# convert sampleimage.png  -colors 14 -resize 640x480  sampleimagee.xpm

First convert .xpm image to gz. Then copy that .xpm image in to /boot/grub directory

Convert sampleimage.xpm to gz
           # gzip sampleimage.xpm

Copy sampleimage.xpm.gz to /boot/grub
           # cp sampleimage.xpm.gz /boot/grub

Now configure the grub.conf to set your image.

Now reboot the system and see whether you Grub Boot Splash Background has change !

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